How To Improve The UX Interaction Design Of Your Website Content

Your site’s design alone is not enough. There are other aspects that you need to focus on. One factor- a very important one in fact, is your website content. The way your users read or consume your content will determine their level of satisfaction with your website. Thus, not only do you need to improve the content that you offer on your website, but also the UX interaction design of your website content needs to be improved for maximum user experience. Here are some tips that you can follow to improve the UX interaction design of your website content:
1. Focus On What Your Users Need
When you design the UX interaction element for your website content, be sure not to design it based on what you like. Remember that the ones that will use your website are the users, not you. You just provide something that your users can enjoy. So, focus your content based on what your users need, meaning that you need to give more emphasis on the users instead of your brand, company, or yourself.
2. Divide Your Content Into Multiple Parts
If you like to publish long content (i.e. more than 1500 words in one post), then consider dividing your content into multiple parts. This way, you can split your content into a few pages; which would make it easier for your users to read. In each content part, you can insert an image to represent the content and make it more appealing for your users.
3. Make Sharing A Breeze
If your content is good, people will want to share it. Simple as that. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are common social sharing platforms. Great content usually gets repurposed through these social outlets. That being said, make sure that social sharing on your content is as easy as possible. Insert social sharing buttons around your content and you should be good to go.
4. Build An App For Your Content
Your users will not access your content only through their PC or desktop computers. They will also want to visit your website with their mobile devices. While you can improve their user experience simply by using responsive design techniques, there is one more thing you can do. You can also create an app around your content, which will allow your users to read or consume your content via your mobile app, making it easier for them to access your content. You should also allow your users to comment and share your content via your app.
5. Make Your Links Visible And Appealing
It can be a frustrating experience for your users not to be able to differentiate between regular texts and hyperlinks on your content. Therefore, it is very important for you to make your links visible on your content. Moreover, you should also make it appealing, so that your users want to click on it. This is very important, especially when you use a lot of external sources as a reference in your content. Include hover states and active states to make your links even more interactive.
These are just some simple tips you can follow to improve the UX interaction design for your website content. The more you improve this aspect of your site, the more your users will be interested and engaged with your site.