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Hello! This is a little resource library I put together for startup founders. It contains free UX resources, templates, and articles that might be useful for founders looking to take their startup’s UX and product to the next level.

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My ramblings and musings on UX/UI for startups

10 App Gamification Examples to Increase Engagement

In this post, we'll go through 10 examples of real apps utilizing gamification to increase engagement.

12 Examples of B2B SaaS Apps Using Gamification

In this post, we'll explore gamification examples being used in B2B SaaS mobile and web apps.

How ProdPad Uses Gamification to Onboard its Users

Learn how ProdPad uses gamification to onboard its uses and increase completion rates.

12 Apps Using Gamification to Boost Habits & Productivity

Explore 12 applications using gamification to boost habits and productivity.

7 Examples of Gamification in Community & Social Platforms

Explore 7 examples of gamification being used in social networks and community platforms.

How Playbook Grew to 20,000+ Early Users Pre-Launch

Learn how Playbook growth hacked their way to 20,000+ early users pre-launch.
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