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4 months spent designing & marketing for one of Toronto’s most prominent fintech startups.




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Summer 2017



Work is currently covered under an NDA. If you would like to hear more about my experience, please contact me.

Over the summer 2017, I had the opportunity to intern at Drop Loyalty, a mobile application company based in the heart of downtown Toronto.

With over $30M raised in funding and 1,000,000+ users, Drop is a coalition loyalty program that allows its customers to earn points across a variety of brands in different industries (i.e. transportation, retail, grocery, etc). It is a mobile-based platform which allows seamless earning and redemption and analyzes your spending to curate you rewards. Put simply – after connecting your debit & credit cards to the app, you earn points whenever you spend at your favourite brands (think McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc.). You can then use these points to redeem rewards from the Drop app (gift cards and cash).

During my time there, I worked closely with the design, product, and business teams on projects that ranged from UX/UI, marketing, and PPC. Working in a startup means you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of roles – and many of them tend to overlap.

Here are some of the things I learned…

1. Learned how to adapt to a fast-moving environment

Startups move extremely fast. During my time there, we relocated offices and had events nearly every other day. Additionally, I learned to become comfortable with context switching. There was only one other full-time designer there at the time, so many people will sent design requests my way – often times the tasks were time-sensitive, and I had to adapt to executing quality work quickly.

2. Startup design workflow and processes

I learned the the tools, systems, and workflows utilized in a fast-growing startup environment.

3. Startup growth mindset & mentality

I closely saw and indulged myself into the inner workings of a fast-growing tech startup.

4. Working with partner brands to create and launch offers

I learned how to develop creatives and marketing assets that are aligned with both Drop and its partner brands.

5. Driving the intersection between design and marketing

The work involved a strong balance of marketing and design. It really pushed me to design using a business-oriented approach.

7. Creating and pushing out ads and marketing style guides

I learned how to define a style and tone guide for all marketing assets that were pushed out to creative channels and platforms.

8. Experience with consumer-facing technology & millennials

This experience put me at the forefront of consumer technology, and how to market and reach millennials, Drop’s core target audience.

9. Ask about processes

I also learned the importance of asking the right questions. Ask about thought processes and feedback. Learn other peoples’ processes and systems, refine them, and implement into your own workflow. Learn about how they think. Working with other professionals allowed me to gain new insights into strategies for building and getting work done.

Every single day was fun and productive at the same time. Culture is pivotal – which is why successful startup teams (or any successful company for that matter) tend to be very selective in who they hire. The people are everything!

Overall, my internship at Drop was an exceptional experience – and contributed significantly to my development, both professionally and personally. The environment, vibe, and team culture made my far too short-lived months there very enjoyable and I wouldn’t give anything else for it!

My last day at Drop with the Head of Design & CEO

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