Making it fun and easy for parents to set
tasks and rewards for their children.


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Dangle is a mobile application that makes it easy for parents to set & manage tasks and rewards for their children. I was tasked to redesign their existing UI, with the goal of making it more intuitive, modern, and playful. I designed the full app and all the animations involved.

The children of today have an overabundance of information, gadgets, and toys at their disposal. As parents, we want the best for our children – especially in a quickly-changing digital landscape. Traits like discipline, responsibility, can and often are taught at home – by our parents. Dangle simplifies the process of getting kids to complete everyday tasks and chores while rewarding them.

How might we simplify the process of creating tasks and rewards for children, such that it leads to more chores being completed?

Gamifying the

The Dangle experience needed to be fun, playful, and up to the modern design standards of today. As an interaction designer, I’m always looking for ways to make the user experience more inviting.

I created various designs and micro-interactions to make the experience more engaging, memorable, and delightful for the parents and kids who ultimately would be using the app.

Mapping the
Customer Journey

I mapped out a simple user journey. What would motivate a parent to use this app? What would that experience look like – and how would they feel emotionally throughout the experience?

I wanted to put myself in the shoes of a potential user.
I created various user personas to empathize and understand their needs and frustrations.
parents in the U.S.


FAMILIES in the U.S.


single parents (U.S.)




Creating more
delightful interactions

With delightful interactions and animations, it’s important that parents and kids feel a sense of a playfulness in the app. Think about the best apps that do this - Headspace, Duolingo, etc. How might I foster a similar level of playfulness and gamification?

Landing Website

I also designed and created a landing page to acquire early sign-ups for the upcoming mobile app. There would be several variations of the landing page - one for collecting email addresses, and another for when the app was published in the app stores.

Client Outcome

“Brendan was an absolute professional to work with. He expertly and adeptly worked to define requirements and executed on them. The designs were spot on with what was needed and his insights and knowledge will lead to expedited growth. Highly recommended.”
Laramie M.
Dangle Founder

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